In short:
My reseller panel basically allows you full control of everything and have detailed logs on anything!
Your money / your payments / your account logins / your keys (including customer IP each login + timestamps, reset HWID, block / unblock keys)

More details
- On the NEWS page I try to keep you updated
- On Home the products are listed, also has a small "by xxx" text where it shows if it is by me or if I get it from another dev
- On Payments you see what you spent your money for (+ cross-reference to all paid keys to the key page where you can see information of each key / usage / timestamps)
- On Keys, well a list of all your keys, filterable per whatever you look for, "Cheat.." or state of the key (used / unused / active or not)
---- Reset HWID
---- Block (or unblock) a key (if the customer for example charged back your payment)
---- Detailed log on Key use with time stamps + IP
- On Account, you can edit your password and check logins to your reseller account by country + IP + timestamp.

The money added to the panel account by you, is fully available to buy anything on the panel.
If any prices are too high, we can talk about it.

I would really appreciate, if you use crypto to add balance to your panel.
I do have Stripe enabled but stripe itself + TAXES eat a big %%% of all Stripe payments to me.
If you use crypto you get more money than you add (as a bonus).

You should register and check everything out.

If you have any question / problems with it, let me know please :)